Thanks to Virgin Media

Thanks to Virgin Media, I got a new Broadband contract that cut off my Internet during Homeoffice, costs me £20 more than my previous Virgin contract with same bandwidth and bills me £113 for account change.

I am running ads about my horrible customer experience because neither customer service hotline nor support wanted to help me.

My flatmate moved out in the beginning of the year and I was supposed to take over his Virigin contract which was supposed to end in May. I filled out a form to transfer accounts and have not heard anything for another 2 months.
A bill for £80.86 arrived. Where our previous bills were £29 each. Charges for an account change and a monthly package price of £49.

I tried to create a Virgin Media Online account to get insights on my contract and billing, unfortunately the online account was still registered to my old flatmates email address. I couldn’t request a change of online account owner, nor could I login without the email.

So my 2 problems are:

  1. I got billed more than I was previously paying
  2. I did not have any access to my Virgin Account and was not able to create a new one with the account number stated on the invoice

So I gave up and called customer support. The lady asked for the pin – which I never received for this account. Luckily, I could provide her with my personal data, so she could access the account. She explained that the £29 were for the first year only and after some discussion she offered me a package with a lower bandwidth for £36 instead of £49. I agreed.
I also explained to her that I don’t have access to my online account, she said that she would send me an email including the confirmation of the account changes and the link to get access to my online account.

None of the above happened. Problem 1 and 2 still unsolved.

2 months later, we received another invoice for £80.86, a letter confirming the account changes and stating a discount for the month of May and another invoice for £113.98. And the worst of all, our Internet got cut off. It’s lockdown, we are doing homeoffice and we can’t get our work done without Wifi. I am more than happy to pay my bills, but I am not accepting to be treated like this as a customer.

I called customer service again. This time it took a while until I was even able to speak to someone because the automated voicemail asked me to pay the outstanding bill first. Eventually, I got to speak to someone.

I was asked to provide my account number (got it on the bill), my name (obvious), account pin (I never had it), address (got it) and finally my birthday (got it). Then I was told the information was wrong and she could not discuss the account further with me. She asked for the sort code which is linked to the account as a last resort. Since I never provided any nor had access to my account I could not provide it. She said that there is nothing she can do for me due to security reasons. Why did it the first time then?

I asked her to escalate it internally, so she created a complaint and told me that her manager will be in touch. That has not happened yet.

I did pay the bill now to be able to work from home tomorrow and have WiFi, but this is a horrible customer experience. I am going to terminate this contract and avoid Virgin Media in the future.

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